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When it comes to event-driven operations, is it useful to recall the strategic importance of the phase of routing of the people and the goods on site?

FreeFlyer guarantees the end-to-end excellence of its service: quality of reception, participants care, respect of timing, permanence of service (24h/24), reactivity, capacity to answer requests not envisaged and/or not directly related to the event, organisation real-time information.

Our experience enables us to manage groups up to several hundreds pax even on very distant sites of operation. 

Do not hesitate to question us, even on non directly related to the organization of air transportation matters: our relational network can perhaps save you much time and energy on cetains aspects of your organization. 

Concerning the aircrafts, we can place at your disposal from one to several tens of helicopters, as a 4 pax plane to several ultra-long range dedicated heavy carriers.
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