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The spectacular evolution of digital communication have not - opposingly to what predicted the gurus of futurology - freed the planet from the need for moving: quite to the contrary, the effect of globalisation and the acceleration of the information flow caused a true explosion of the demand for people and goods air transportation.

For the leaders and decision makers, this evolution dramatically increased the necessity for more physical meeting - inevitable in strategic decision-makings, at an increasingly faster pace. For these persons physical transportation as become a real problem, and, for those whose time is particularly invaluable, a true strategic stake.   

Crisis or not, business aviation is the only serious way to manage its business at the correct pace, wich is always beeing one step, one place ahead from the others.

Our vision is that to use correctly this fabulous tool, instead of relying on a sole and rigid actor, one should use an exclusive, intelligent and flexible network. As the FreeFlyer Alliance is.
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The Alliance > Vision