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A simplified and normalised process

Allthough our alliance insures your organisation the widest worldwide coverage, your dedicated contact listens to you 24 hours on 24, and arranges for you any flight, in an agreed customised process meeting your organisation's requirements,

Point-to-point guaranteed level of service

Our selective network allows us to rely on the best professionals, all sharing the same culture of quality guaranteeing the end-to-end one of your trip, even if you asked for extra aerial services,
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The only card offering so much reward

The FreeFlyer card guarantees you to cumulate each mile on any aircraft - helicoter, turboprop or jet of any size on any company of the Alliance !

Better control of prices

Because of the nature of the Alliance - an intelligent network - we are allways next to your way points : so you pay less ferry flight. We also operate only the aircraft you need : your price do not have to support the weight of a non homogenous and enormous fleet,

No intermediates
A direct priviledged relation to each company is guaranteeing to the Alliance the best pricing structure, so that you keep the best economical advantage,