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A big jet manufacturer use to joke with the following sentence : "Propellers ? Isn't it for boats ?...". Beside the truely good joke, propellers are still for long for planes too, even if it is true that turbofans have made huge progress in terms of costs, maintenance, consumtion and noise.

One of the bigest advantages for using turboprops is their capability to land on short to very short runways, therefore allowing even more freedom to flyers for landing closer to their final destination. In terms of business trip efficiency, turboprops also position themselves naturally between helicopters and jets. Faster cruise speed and more pax capacity than helicopters (but less precision); slower speed and range than jets.

Available fleet:

VIP configuration                                Private groups            
Beechcraft King Air 90                            Beech 1900 
Beechcraft King Air 200                          Embraer 120 Brasilia
Beechcraft King Air 350                          Dornier 328 
Piaggio Avanti II                                    Dash 8