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Global fleet
Throughout the years the FreeFlyer founders have built the basis of the first and most performing international private airline companies network.
Large and small, operators of turboprops and jets, mono and twin- turbines engined helicopters; aircrafts dedicated to the transport of people, goods, dedicated to air works: many are the entities on the market which affirm being able to answer any request, by them selves, everywhere, perfectly.
On our side, we rely on our selective network tested each and every day. This approach allows us to ensure ourselves the collaboration of the best actors on each zone covered. operating the best aircrafts, following the best practices and of which we are certain that they will bring a level of service in conformity with the one of our offers.

This approach enabled us to have direct access to an immense fleet, covering the totality of the possible needs as regards of private air transport, and gathered under the four great families following:

                                      single / twin turbine helicopters , turboprops and jets   >>
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