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Discover potentials you did not even imagine at your hand or that you thought the costs would be much unreasonable. Such as for example carrying one of these impossible triangular course in a normal day (normal wake up, normal dinner).

Let’s take for example Brest - Caen - Mulhouse - Brest in the course of one day…  Using conventional air means, the way cannot be carried out in less than 40 hours fixed over 3 days… And be sure your team to be back at the office “on their knees”, after having passed 3 times by Lyon, and the whole for… approximately 3200 € per capita (sorry, no low cost on this type of connection…). And not counting all life expenses (count to double budget)! 
Using one of our  6/8 pax Cessna Citation jets, the loop is carried out in 9 hours with an incomparable quality of work, for 2600 € per passenger... What is to say a budget transport 20% less expensive and an effective saving reaching up to 50% on the whole of the mission!

In these times of crisis, who can still avoid these calculations?

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