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In an ever more complicated, fragile and changing world, it is difficult to rely only on one supplier... Even if, not to say "moreover if", it seems big.
Mother Nature, economics, experiences of all sorts have prooven that reasonably sized multi-headed networks are more sustainable, better adaptive, faster, more agile and much more technically and economically performing than ancient, dating and heavy monolitical structures vs. time .

It's just been again verified with the so called new technologies : computer networks and systems, telephone communication networks, TV networks... and now aeronautical transportation.

Old dating commercial air transportation backbones are cholesteroled, big private ailine companies are struggling against huge financial and logistical problems.

It's now time to rely on a united intelligent network. Uniting the best and independent players, in Europe and worldwide.

The FreeFlyer alliance aims at bringing to the best companies on each of their region the additional centralised operational and marketing ressources hub they miss, allowing them to get the critical size and solution to answer better big customers requirements by offering transversal programs, united quality of services and normalised processes for pricing, invoicing and flights management  follow up.

Get to discover the New Private Aviation :  join the FFA today.
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